We believe in our global stewardship and responsible management of  resources.

We actively  manage our consumption of resources, and seek ways to reduce our impact on the earth.

We believe sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and we require every HCM Group employee to make sustainability central to every business decision.  We believe in the integration of  environmental, economic and social sustainability practices.

Senior management of HCM Group continually reappraises work practices and develops new technologies to reduce consumption of resources.  As such, you will find our workers using eco-friendly products and reducing the amount of concrete, wood and steel used in foundations based on  stamped engineering drawings that eliminate the practice of “overdesign” that leads to excessive use of resources.

Sustainability Projects

To achieve this, we developed the Sustainability Engineering Design Audit (SEDA) system to evaluate the environmental impact of the engineering design at the point of estimation. Using SEDA and its life cycle assessment tools, our engineers can now systematically audit and compare specific materials in a foundation design that will have the least impact on the nine planetary boundaries deemed critical to sustainability. Our parent company, the HCM Group, uses these audited designs to construct sustainable foundations for their clients all across Canada.

With SEDA, we are able to design sustainable shoring and foundation solutions that lower contractor and owner costs by using less concrete, steel and timber. As a continuous improvement tool, SEDA drives sustainability behavior at the root with engineers and estimators, as well as throughout the organization.