Project Description

Royal Botanical Gardens underwent recent renovations (designed by Janet Rosenberg & Studio) to restore the 80 year old garden including repairing deteriorated features and introducing new elements. Repairs and new elements were designed to respect the heritage nature of the garden. HCM assisted IRA McDonald Construction in the installation of a reinforced concrete, water retaining, undulating pool structure.

HCM Shotcrete worked with RWH Engineering to provide a design build solution for the rock garden pool to meet the needs of the architect and general contractor including providing waterproofing solutions for submerged conditions.

Shotcrete saved time by eliminating 50% of the custom formwork required for the project by eliminating the need for two sided formwork. The shotcrete surface was finished by hand to mimic aged concrete to maintain the heritage aesthetic of the pool feature. Shotcrete was covered with the CN 2000 waterproofing system to provide a seamless, waterproof structure.