Our Values

Our values are Teamwork, Innovation, Service and Sustainability

These are not just words at HCM Group, they are actions we take and promises we build into every contact with coworkers, customers, suppliers and our community.

  • Teamwork:  We respect our teammates and act accordingly. We look out for each other on the jobsite by ensuring health and safety standards are met and exceeded. We use conflict resolution methods to come to agreements and we value ideas and encourage sharing them.  We undertake job-specific training as well as teamwork building.
  • Innovation: Our company motto is “Innovation in Foundations” and we take this to heart. Not satisfied with the way it’s always been done, HCM Group uses our continuous improvement processes to create better foundations with superior results. We are at the forefront of foundation technology and invest heavily into research and development to maintain our leadership in foundation technology.
  • Service: We create an environment of Continuous Improvement to ensure service levels   meet or exceed all levels of customer satisfaction. To achieve this empower employees to make decisions that improve communications and job performance.
  • Sustainability: The foundation of our organization is built upon “Sustainability.” In every design, every job and every use of resource, we factor in the impact we have on the earth.